The Dodge Beacon

Concept, Interactive Design, Brand Awareness, Art Direction

The inspiration for this idea came from a Best Buy tactic used to persuade potential customers. They set up a series of iBeacons placed strategically behind several electronic goods. When a potential customer, with the Best Buy app, stands in front of a display for longer than five minutes, they are sent a coupon granting an addition 10% off if they buy it within the following 10 minutes. The psychology behind this idea is that if the customer is studying a certain item for a longer period of time, they usually intend to make a purchase. By simply sending an exclusive coupon, Best Buy has increased their chances of swaying the customer to make a purchase.

As a way to create more brand awareness and increase website daily activity, I figured out a way to target specific audience groups in densely populated areas using Google Chrome and Estimote Beacons.


The problem with brand-awareness based websites, is that you need members of the community to interact on a daily basis. You're not pushing short-term sales, you're pushing long-term experiential awareness. You need this audience to genuinely want to be a part of the site and interact with it on their own free-will. But how does a company find and target this specific audience, and catch them when they're least expecting it?


My proposal consisted of utilizing Estimote Beacons with heavily branded Dodge® vehicles. The idea was to attach a hidden Beacon to one of these vehicles, and drive slowly through heavily populated areas like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. By utilizing the Eddystone and Google Chrome SDK, the "car" would send push notifications to people within a 50ft. radius.


We live in a world where push notifications rule the lock screen on our smartphones. This car notification might be spam for 90% of the people we hit, but that's not our intention. The goal was to target people who like driving Dodge®vehicles, but also catch the attention of anyone interested in cars and the auto-modding community. Therefore, we can peak the interest of the people who matter. They'll get a notification, look up to see where it came from, only to see a branded, sexy, Dodge®Hellcat winking at them in the street, and be more inclined to open their phone to a whole new world of Dodge®.


The intended website can be found at