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This is a prototyped ad campaign for a collaboration between Converse® and Sector 9®. It's an original idea, from firsthand experience of traveling through Los Angeles on my skateboard.

During a day trip, there's two kinds of skateboarding: cruising and tricking, both of which take place during the adventure. Both of which utilize a skateboard with skateboard trucks and with the same shoes. The factor that makes a real difference are the wheels. This is an opportunity for the two companies to come together to reach the combined audiences, while also starting a trend in a missing element of skateboarding. This campaign will cover everything from print ads to digital plays.

An Introduction

It's Saturday morning, you're packing up your gear, trying to figure out what to bring for your day trip through the city. You grab the usuals: hat, sunglasses, earphones, an extra shoelace, a skate tool... but wait, what about the board? If you bring a cruiser board to get to the spot you'll have to set it down while you skate. If you don't bring the cruiser you're legs will be worn out by the time you get to the spot!

What's Included

The Converse® Travel pack offers all the essentials in one place, and also has teamed up with Sector 9® to stash two sets of fully-loaded wheels. Whether it’s trying to catch the bus, skitching to a spot, or even pushing to a store, we’ve got you covered. We’ve loaded freshly lubed Sector 9 bearings into a set of 78A cruiser wheels size 64mm, and also included a set of 104A skate wheels size 56mm. The cruisers are big enough to float the turbulence, and small enough to skip the wheelbite. Once you get to the spot or the park, simply pop a quick tire change, and you’re good to go. No bearing press needed.

The Mag Shot

Full page spread in Thrasher, and other skateboarding and longboarding magazines. The Converse star meets in the middle, and creates a full star which guides the user's eyes from left to right. The overall campaign copy goes on the left page, all of the pack information goes on the right page.

Digital Plays

This campaign would mainly live on Instagram, where most skateboarding content is shared. For this, we'd promote other people around the world using Converse or Sector 9 to share their adventures with the hashtag #ConVStheWorld. Select pros from both teams will be posting on their stories during the week, communicating and meeting up with eachother, their friends, skating to spots, skating at spots etc. Converse will pull all the posts onto a splash page on their website, driving users straight to the pack.