FIAT 500x
Debut Campaign

Art Direction, Branding

We got the opportunity to pitch a campaign to Fiat to debut their release of the 500X. In just a week, with a copywriter, creative director and myself, my team came up with a handful of print ads, microsite options, and experiential plays to woo their target audience.

Microsite Options

Because the target release date was around Valentine's Day, I decided to design the microsites with romantic themes. The first one explores the elegant, luxurious Italian appeal of Fiat, and plays more with the idea that by looking at other cars online, you're having a secret, dreamy affair with the car you already own.

The second option explores the trending "tinder lifestyle", where the car would appear as a dating profile of the viewers' soulmate. This gave the option of creating a carousel of different colors, styles, and interiors that would include other personality traits and descriptions.

Most Favorable Option

The client's most favorable micro-site option was the "Choose Your Own X-perience". My concept was that when you are choosing a new car, you tend to imagine yourself in it, picturing how it might improve your day-to-day, or how you might enjoy the benefits of the vehicle on a vacation. This goal of this idea was to take viewers on a journey through three beautiful locations that are historic and authentic to Italian culture, but also similar to an American experience. The user could take a 360-degree video tour that would drive them through the open wine-country roads, through the bustling city of Rome, or around the thrilling cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

Expanded Campaign Ideas

We also devised some ways of expanding the physical and digital campaign through interaction with our audience. We came up with four ideas that would spark interest and be extremely sharable on social media. We covered it all, from cross-country road trips with famous YouTube celebrities, to live-video games of Eye-Spy on Periscope, to challenging professional drivers that would truly prove how the Fiat 500x can perform.