Jam + Art Jubilee App

UX/UI | Interactive Design

The goal of this project was to design the UI of a website/application for a future event that adjusts based on two states: Before and During the event.

The Russell Jam+Art Jubilee was a festival held by myself and two other designers. It was a one day event celebrating local art and music in Detroit. We had 30+ artists, 20+ live bands, Slow Roll bicycle ride, a free pig roast, a food truck rally, vegan-friendly homemade cooking, beer tents, a professional skateboard demo, live painting, graffiti battles, yard games & much more.

Before the Event

Attendees can check the website to see information about the local artists and bands. Upon loading the homepage, the user will be guided through showcased work of the attending artists. After clicking an icon, the user may browse more work by that artist.

Music Access

This page will showcase the album covers of each band playing at the festival. After clicking an album, the user will be able to see more information about each band.


This page will help the public get to the festival. It includes a map of the Russell Industrial Center complex, a zoomed view of the lot, and the time & date of the festival.

During the Event

During the festival, attendees can download the Jubilee mobile application to use as a tool to enhance their experience.

The landing page of the application will focus on the events happening during the hours of the Jubilee, and will act as a timeline throughout the day. During each hour, upcoming events will be highlighted and the hour number will fill with red as time goes by.

Art Connection

The art page will feature a series of compositions that some of the attending artists have chosen to put up for a silent auction. Upon selecting the item, the user will be guided into a page with more information such as the name of the artist, name of the piece, materials used, size of the composition, and the current bid amount. The user will then be able to place a bid of either ten, twenty, or fifty dollars.

Music Access

The music page will give the user a lineup of the next few bands playing. The app shows the album cover of each band, with a timer of how much longer until the chosen band gets on stage.