Experience Design, Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Branding

Alove is a very popular brand in Japan that infuses aloe vera gel pieces into yogurt. As a part of their big debut to the US market, specifically Southern California, my team was tasked with designing the art, costumes, van wrap and marketing materials associated with an Alove sampling tour. The wrapped van would be parked in a different, highly populated location, each weekend for 3 months.

My specific role was to add a twist to this experience that would bridge the gap between the sampling tour, and when the product went to shelves a couple months later. A method of connecting with consumers who liked the free sample, who would later recognize Alove as they were browsing through the store.

Reducing Waste, Creating Relationships

That's when "Alove That Lasts Forever" was born. For each sample yogurt that was given out, so was a hand-designed envelope filled with seeds and instructions for how to plant & care for their very own aloe vera plant, using the washed out yogurt cup as a starter pot. This reduced waste during the tour, as people were more likely to keep the cups, add soil, and plant their new pet. It also worked in the Alove's favor, because the consumer would water their plant, while looking at the package once a week. By the time the plant was big enough to be moved out of the cup, the product had already reached the shelves.

Aloe vera plants have a life span of about 12 years, and have several amazing benefits for our health. Therefore, this mutual bond between the aloe vera plant and the consumer, was a catalyzed by our Alove campaign and created a long-term, memorable relationship with it's new audience.