Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Conceptualizing, Digital Design

This is a prototyped campaign for a rebrand of MoparĀ®, that spans from static ads, a tv spot, a social connection and a digital play. The concept was to show the transparency of the company and ensure trust that the customer is in good hands.

TV Spots

This spot highlights today's trends of "Lifehacks", the art of cutting corners in life to save time or energy. Some are better than others, and any maintenance with your personal vehicle should not be one of them.

Digital Plays

Social is an obvious play, as content creation can continue the common sense legacy. People can add their own common sense jokes, and hashtag it with #MoparRoast, and Mopar can highlight user-submitted posts. However, in an attempt to create a safe lifehack, customer's that drop their car off, would receive a text notification when mechanics start work on the car. The text will include a link where users can see their car being worked on by professionals on a live stream, and will be able to know what exactly goes into it and when the car is finished.