The Photon Factory
826 Austin

Branding/Identity System | Print Design | Prototyping

826 National is a network of youth tutoring and writing centers with locations in seven cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Ann Arbor and Seattle. At the core of the organization is a dedication to helping students 6-18 with their English and writing skills. The idea when the organization started, back in 2002, was a simple one-provide one-on-one tutoring for students falling behind- but along the way there were some strange detours. Those detours led us to create odd storefronts that sold odder products-peg legs, robot emotions, caveman food, and space-travel underwear, among hundreds of other semi-useful things.

826 Austin, Texis

Austin, Texas offers many activities during the evening and the young adult population compliments it perfectly. Whether its the SXSW music festival, the nightly exodus of bats over the Congress Avenue Bridge, or "Moon Towers" lighting up blocks at a time, Austin makes sure to bring life to the city after the sun goes down. The Photon Factory is an 826 Store that helps to "Keep Austin Weird" after dark using different forms of light.