We Stole The Fire

Social Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Social Marketing

The "We Stole the Fire" campaign includes a three-part street installation series, based on the Mexican legend of Mayahuel and her 400 rabbits. Through these pieces, and by borrowing from art movements, public space, government policy, and corporate advertising, we are stealing the fire from those in power in 2018, the same way that ancient cultures stole the fire from the gods to achieve their own free will. -ThinkTank Website

My job was to illustrate the story told in our manifesto, while simultaneously promoting the physical events / fire burglaries happening all over Los Angeles.

Wheatpaste Campaign

We printed 8,000 24x36 posters and had them put up in various places all over Los Angeles for over two moonths. We shared locations, as well as edited photos via Instagram + Facebook stories.

Steal the Fire Art Show

Think Tank Gallery and Mezcal El Silencio bring you “We Stole the Fire,” a month-long arts experience around the Melrose neighborhood, well-known to international shopping and graffiti enthusiasts alike. Think Tank Gallery will collaborate with creative director Phil America and a handful of local and Mexican artists to produce a month of street stunts, graffiti, performance artworks and installations, analog documentation, limited edition merchandise campaign, and a group art show to wrap it all up. Each contribution to this month of creation steals the fire of a different legend, art movement, or advertising campaign that came before it. -ThinkTank Website


Shortly after the event, I got our brand approved as an Official Brand Channel, and started creating relevant gif's for use on Instagram stories. To this day, we have over 24 million views.