We Discovered the Cave

Social Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Social Marketing

All Photography by Leon Ofsky

Following the manifesto laid out by Oaxacan mythology, I joined the Mezcal El Silencio team at their "We Discovered the Cave" phase. The brand has a metaphorical history based on a Oaxacan myth about the Goddess Mayahuel.

In this Robin Hood-esque tale, long ago, there was a Goddess who fell in love with a mortal, and as a result, gave birth to 400 rabbits. The Gods were so angered that they stole the fire/light from the entire land in Oaxaca, and hid it away in a cave. Mezcal El Silencio's Alebrije logo represents the sole rabbit who crossed rivers and mountains to find this cave. Once finding it, the rabbit jumped into the fire, becoming a god itself, and turned into the mythological creature, the Alebrije. The heroic Alebrije then went back home to share the light with the people once again.

Mezcal El Silencio's two founders, came to the United States from Mexico only to realize that the true fire had been missing. They went to Oaxaca to design the production process based on an ancient Mezcal recipe handed down through generations. They bought the fire from the Gods, brought it to the US, and this is how we are sharing it with the world.

All of our advertising campaigns follow, line by line, through this ancient Oaxacan myth, telling its tale through the imagery, video, social, copy, and photography. Instagram is our most treasured social media outlet, and the following is the campaign, once the Alebrije lays it's eyes on the mystical wonders of the Gods.


Everything needs a Silencio appeal. Therefore, details were important. In preparation for this photoshoot, we got gothic-styled garnish pins from Etsy, in which we painted bright gold with black matte on top, which would rub away giving it a speckled appearance. The glasses themselves were etched with the tarot cards we have being linocut for us. The top of every glass was dipped in gold. Even the garnishes were bought from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, then dehydrated and then charred.


This was to connect with our audience. Think fire, danger, intricate rings, grills. We want the medieval-styled gothic feeling, the mysterious, the magical.


The goals here were to show the mystical fire itself, floating bottles like smoke, Godly characters, or Sentinels guarding it dearly. This gives it an even more premium appeal.