This is a multi-platform application that allows skateboarders around the city of Detroit connect with one another while on the go.

Find Skateboarders and Skateboard Spots

Skateboarders are marked around the city with blue dots. The numbers increase when more skaters are added to the group. Skateoard spots are shown as rectangles, and are categorized by type and difficulty.

As you move through the city, crossroads will be highlighted to give direction, and impromptu contests at certain skate spots will glow in white. You can press on your location to upload a new spot or contest.

Record Your Adventure

After choosing a spot on the map, you can see more information such as gap height & length, and vote on tricks done there by you and other skaters. If you find a spot you like, you can upload more information and share it with the community.

Share With Others

With a large group or a handful of friends, you can set up an impromptu contest at any spot. The icon will appear white on the map so others can join or vote on tricks to select a winner. Once you create a contest, you can upload more information and share it with the community.

The SpotWatch

A large part of skateboarding is the idea of adventure. By collaborating with Misfit Wearables, this smart watch fuels the thrill and increases connectivity in the process.

Self-Recording Skateboard

A small gyroscope is hidden under this sticker. Once placed on the skateboard, skaters can record their tricks and upload them at each spot or contest.